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Hakoya Big Double Tier Bento


Top Tier (inside dimensions)
24 sq"
Bottom Tier (inside dimensions)
29 sq"
Assembled (outside dimensions)
53 sq"

What's it good for?
  • Hearty "man-sized" lunches
  • A small lunch plus a mid-afternoon snack
  • A big salad + hot leftovers
  • Hot and cold food in the same tier (small tray can be removed and microwaved separately)
  • Super wide internal compartments, such as the big silicone cups from Dollar Tree
  • Moist foods that would seep under a removable divider
  • Top tier can be used by itself for a small lunch.

This is probably my best bento box in terms of quality and versatility. It's handsome and sturdy and just a really nice design. The top tier has a tight-fitting seal and can be used alone for a smaller lunch or with the bottom tier for a larger one. The removable cup in the top tier is the best possible solution to the question of fixed compartments vs. movable divider. The jaunty trapezoidal shape of the removable cup adds visual zing.

It's microwavable, but probably not dishwasher safe because of the enameled designs on the top.

I purchased this one in January, 2010,  from Jbox for $26.95 + shipping. That included the bag and bento band, but no chopsticks. Jbox has a great selection of high-quality merchandise, but you pay for that: both the prices and the shipping costs are on the high side, and delivery can be slow because they ship from Japan.

Product description from JBox website
TPP050    950ml Volume Bento Box Set ~ Genuine Lacquered 2 tier Box & Elastic Band & Kinchaku Bag
This item is in stock in Japan.   Weight: 550 g.   Price: $26.20

Here's a really outstanding traditional style bento box from Japan's famous Hakoya lunch box maker that's recommended for anyone with a large appetite. Featuring two sections that hold 400 and 550 ml respectively, they add up to a great large-sized bento that both looks great and will hold a large volume of food. Great wood lacquered feel to the bento, too. Microwave safe (please remove lid while heating). Measures 8.5 x 5.5 x 4 inches (22 x 14 x 10 cm). *


Look how neatly it fits together!

The top tier has a tight-fitting lid. It's also the tier with the nesting cup. This is where you want to put your wet foods. The bottom of the top tier is grooved to fit neatly over the bottom tier, forming the lid and making the stacked bento fit together very easily and neatly. This doesn't make a completely water-tight seal, so it's best for cold foods, salad, rice or other grains, sandwiches, fruits and nuts, cheese and so on.

The top comes right down over the entire top tier, again making a nice solid stack. It doesn't snap together however - still needs the classy black bento band that is included with the set.
Maiden Voyage of the Double-Tier Hakoya

I was thrilled to have a box big enough for the Dollar Tree silicone cups!  Two different kinds of  slightly gloppy leftovers made good use of the leakproof interior cup in tier 1.

Top Tier: ground lamb in cream sauce (oh, okay, cream of chicken soup) decorated with a sliced black olive and leftover carrots. The other compartment is mashed yams and potatoes topped by more leftover vegies and a half-peeled Baby Bel cheese.
Bottom Tier: fancy Chinese rice/soy crackers in the moon surrounded by black olives, alfalfa sprouts and avocado. Sauce containers hold balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
Heart Cup Fits Too!

Another of my big Dollar Tree baking cups, which I lifted out and microwaved separately so the rollups could be served cold. This is the only 2-tier box that I own that is big enough for that heart cup.

This is an example of a filling lunch in one tier and a mid-afternoon snack in the other tier.

Bottom Tier: Stir-fried vegies in the heart with cheese stars on top. Rollups (Joseph's Lavash) contain refried beans and lunch meat, with sliced pimientos on top. Sweet pickles tucked around the edges.

Top Tier: Honey Greek Yogurt mixed with cottage cheese to make it more of a protein dish and less of a dessert. The rest is obvious: clementines, nuts, Fig Newtons.
Cold Lunch with Hot Trapezoid

Totally low-carb cold salad lunch here except for the steamed vegetables, which were intended to be served hot. The little lift-out trapezoidal tray comes in handy for that.

Top Tier: Tomato and cheese slices, steamed vegies (carrots, mushrooms, squash). Mrs. Dash sprinkled on the vegies.

Bottom Tier: Deli turkey breast wrapped around slivers of string cheese, sometimes wrapped in lettuce. A few cooked mushrooms peeking out of the largest roll. 
Another Dumpling Lunch

One more in my series of quick lunches based on frozen dumplings. This time it's ravioli sprinkled with black sesame seeds and a sweet-sour red cabbage dish in the hot tier. The bottom tier holds a big salad.

I could've done the same thing with the Little Red Lube Sheep, but it would have been a much smaller lunch. When half the lunch is a bulky but low-calorie salad, I use one of my bigger double-tier boxes.