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Double Tier Sakura Flower Box

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She Likes Bento 

Top Tier (inside dimensions)
14.5 sq "
Bottom Tier (inside dimensions)
4.3" 1.5"
14.5 sq "
Assembled (outside dimensions)
4.5" 3.5"
29 sq"

What's it good for?
  • Mid-size lunches that divide naturally into two tiers
  • A medium-sized salad + hot leftovers
  • Hot food in one tier, cold food in the other
  • Either tier can be used by itself with the decorative top for a snack box..

This used to be my prettiest bento box, until I bought this one. It's still a knockout, though, and much more versatile than the Kimono box. It looks black in some of the pictures, but it is actually a very dark brown with pink flowers. The two sections are exactly the same size - about 4.5" diameter at the widest. Both have tight-fitting tops. There are no interior dividers.

Purchased January, 2010,  from Jbox for $24 + shipping. It came with nothing extra, not even a bento band.  Although the pieces fit together with a satisfyingly solid feel, they still need a band or a tight-fitting bag or wrapper to keep them together. An ordinary bento band is problematic because of the shape - it tends to slip off. I made my own split band by sewing two lengths of bias tape to a piece of black elastic.

Composition: Unknown. Product description doesn't exactly say it isn't microwavable, but advises against it -  see description below. I microwave it anyway (sans tops), but I'm careful not to heat it longer than two minutes. I've had no problems with it "changing shape." I wash it by hand.

Product description from JBox website
PRIM057    DX SAKURA JUBAKO Bento Box ~ Brown
Number in stock: 8   Weight: 250 g.   Price: $24.00

The Japanese are good at creating things of beauty out of everyday objects, something which you can see in this new line of Sakura-themed bento boxes. Made in the "jubako" or "stacking box" style, this bento box contains two large compartments, one for holding your rice, and the other for your "okazu," that is, whatever you're eating along with your rice. The lower compartments come with sealing tupperware-style lids that can be used separately, too. A great bento box offering from J-List! The bento box measures approximately 6 inches (15 cm)* from one of the flower petal-shaped edges across. This is the brown colored bento box.

Because heat could cause the bento box to change its shape, the manufacturer recommends against using it in a microwave oven or washing with machine dishwashers. The volume of the bento box is: 320 ML for the top section, 320 ML for the bottom

DIMENSIONS and VOLUME GIVEN ON WEBSITE ARE WRONG!!!  See my table for correct dimensions

Such a fun shape!

That's not rice with the leftover beef stew in the middle of it - it's couscous. Eyes of cheese/nori and a grape tomato for the mouth. It's amazing how easy it is to make the human eye see a face where no face exists, isn't it?

Snack tier contains clementine orange sections, black grapes, walnuts and a little bit of ricotta cheese.
Interior containers are tricky with this box.

The lids to both tiers have deep grooves around the edge so the sections fit into each other securely. This is a nice feature in one way - the tiers fit solidly on top of each other. Unfortunately the grooves in the lid extend down into the container below, cutting almost a quarter-inch off the height available for an interior cup that is close to the edge of the tier. That means that the top won't fit on this little oblong box, even though it is well under 1.5" with the top on. It still makes a nice looking divider.

Left-hand tier: Rice with nori stars; peas/lima beans/red pepper.

Right-hand tier: leftovers galore: hamburger hot dish in the cup, pieces of salmon loaf along the side along with the soy sauce bottles for the rice. Red pepper slices and sweet pickles around the right side.

If you need a lid - use the round cup.

This little round container is the same size as the oblong one in the previous lunch, but because of its shape it doesn't run into the grooves around the edge of the bento lid, so it is possible to put the lid on the little container. I did just that in this case.

Main tier: Roast beef and turkey lunch meat + avocado rolled up in Joseph's multi-grain lavash (my new favorite wrap). Carrots and almonds.

Snack Tier: Honey Greek Yogurt in small cup from Container Store. I put the top back on the container before transport. Clementine sections, dried fruit, almonds and sunflower seeds tucked in around the yogurt.
Dumpling lunch with a whole new look

Litttle clementine orange segments look wonderful in this box. So much so that I even put them in the dumpling tier, just for looks (took them out before I microwaved it). Those are peeled cucumber slices around the edges of the salad tier.

I think I am have only scratched the surface of the beautiful arrangements that can be made with this box. I need to experiment more with symmetrical designs and flower-like layouts.